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When you enter the market with your start-up, you encounter various types of parties. With each party you sign a different contract. It is important to clearly document the agreements that you make with each of your counterparties.

One of the best known and most obvious examples is of course the ‘normal’ purchase agreement that you sign with your customers. Often it concerns standard agreements and the transactions runs smoothly. However, in a number of cases disputes may arise in the context of the purchase agreement. Terms and conditions are a useful preventive tool to save a lot of time and effort in such cases. The inclusion of terms and conditions in the purchase agreement provides clarity about the rights and obligations for both the entrepreneur and the customer. Common clauses in it provide clarity about guarantees, reservations, dispute resolution and liability. Your company must ensure that such general terms and conditions are clearly formulated and correctly handed over to the other party. How can your start-up do that best? And in what way can you include the terms and conditions? You will find the answer to these and other questions regarding the terms and conditions at Law & More. Law & More lawyers are happy to advise you. Even if you are dealing with a conflict that relates to the general terms and conditions, Law & More can be of service.

Is your counterparty an investor or are you hiring new people because you are going to expand your product or your start-up? Then a confidentiality agreement may come in handy. After all, you naturally want to prevent others from running away with your innovative idea. If this does happen or in the event that the important information is passed on by the other party, it is advisable to include a penalty clause for such cases in the confidentiality agreement. Are you dealing with a foreign investor or employee? Then it is advisable to include a choice of law in the case of a dispute in your confidentiality agreement for, for example, Dutch law. That Dutch law is applicable within international relations is not self-evident.

Did you come across a different type of contract and do you want advice, or do you have any questions? Then contact Law & More. Law & More’s lawyers are experts in the field of contract law and are happy to assist you in drafting contracts.

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