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Do you have an innovative idea that leads to a product that meets the needs of the customer? Then there is a good chance that you will enter the market with a successful and profitable product or service. Not every starting entrepreneur who enters the market is a start-up. Start-ups are constantly improving their product or service. For example, an entrepreneur who starts a store is not a start-up. That idea is already fixed and is not innovative. When can you speak of a start-up? In principle, a hard definition cannot be given. However, there are fixed conditions that must be met to be defined as a start-up. Every year, around 200 start-ups are established in the Netherlands that meet the criteria. But not every start-up results in success. Every year there are only 10 to a maximum of 20 start-ups successful in the Netherlands. That is often a shame because the ideas that result in products or services are very innovative. However, just a good, innovative idea is not enough.

To increase the chance of success, a start-up must take a number of important steps before entering the market. One of those steps is, for example, choosing the legal form for the start-up company. Another important step is the development of a business plan. A good business plan and compliance with it is not really required for a start-up, but it is of great importance, for example, for financing. It is not always easy to draw up such a plan. Law & More’s lawyers are experts in the field of corporate law and are happy to help you to draw up a business plan.

Once on the market, a start-up must also consider important aspects such as contracts it concludes with, for example, customers and financiers, general terms and conditions and the applicable laws and regulations. In this phase Law & More can provide you with advice on or help you to draw up your general terms and conditions and contracts. In addition, our experts can investigate for your start-up company which laws and regulations will apply to your company and whether your company is sufficiently structured according to the applicable laws and regulations.


Please contact us by phone at +31 (0) 40 369 06 80 or send an e-mail by

Finally, for the success of a start-up the expansion to a scale-up is important. In that context, it is wise to keep an eye on the competition of your start-up and to protect your product or service through intellectual property rights, for example through a patent. Law & More’s lawyers can provide your start-up with quick and personal advice, both when making a request and in the event of infringement of your intellectual property right. In short, Law & More is happy to advise you on everything that is involved from the start to the growth of your start-up. Curious about what our lawyers can do for your start-up? Then contact Law & More.